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The difference is attitude. Every Michael Alan employee is committed to ensuring a positive experience whenever anyone visits the store. The customer's satisfaction is our first order of business. Our sales and design staff is genuinely interested in seeing that all your home furnishing and interior design needs are met. They are professionals who will assist with everything from product information to decorating ideas. Working closely with a large number of local builders and contractors, examples of the Michael Alan touch can also be seen at a variety of model homes.

Family Owned

For more than 37 years, the family owned business has enjoyed a tremendous reputation for quality and service. Chris, Michael Alan's owner, strives to present her customers with quality furniture and accessories that are beautifully displayed and at the best possible prices.


Fresh Baked Cookies and Free Hugs

The greatest people in the world walk through our doors every day and those are our customers. We want every guest to be left with an exceptional experience and some of the ways we do this is meeting them with a pleasant welcome by our greeter (Director of First Impressions) who always has a warm smile and fresh-baked cookies for all our guests to enjoy. We love our guests so much that we offer FREE hugs every day and we love giving hugs. Hugs are a Michael Alan aloha, or the way we say hello and goodbye at Michael Alan. Hugs truly do boost happiness levels. There even has been scientific research to show this. We believe that Hugs make you happier, healthier and more relaxed and to us that is a must-part of an unforgettable experience which is what we pride ourselves on at Michael Alan Furniture & Design. So, what are you waiting for? Come in and get your FREE fresh baked cookies and Hugs, every day at Michael Alan Furniture & Design, where we promise an unforgettable experience and unbeatable values.



Accomplishments and Articles

North American Home Furnishings Association Retailer of the Year 2015

Retailer of the Year “ 'We think the only reason we won is we give out a lot of free hugs, a lot of free wine, a lot of free beer and a lot of free parties,’ Cooley said. ‘After all of that, we decided to sell a little bit of furniture and have a lot of fun doing it. It’s what we do, it’s what we love and we truly want to be the very best at what we do.’ ”

- Quote from owner, Chris Cooley, in Furniture/Today, May 18, 2015

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Arizona Furniture Retailer of the Year for 2005

“The retailer was honored for its dedication to the home furnishing industry, its respect for the efforts of sales representatives, its honesty in advertising, its customer service and service to the community.”

- Furniture/Today, April 24, 2006

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Lake Havasu Living Magazine Article

"Our strongest asset is our Michael Alan Family." - Chris Cooley, Owner

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Canadian entrepreneurs Abner and Shirley Schultz immigrated to the United States in 1979 after selling their family poultry farm and trucking company looking for a warmer climate. With a little money in their pocket and two daughters (Chris and Carrie) to support, they created Michael Alan Furnishings in 1980 as a manufacturing facility for mattresses and custom upholstery. The news of happy-go-lucky people manufacturing unusually high-quality product quickly spread through the small town of Lake Havasu City, AZ and their new business venture flourished. For the next 8 years the business continued to grow until it was found that the trusted book-keeper was skimming money from the business. Ab’s daughter Chris had been working in the banking industry for the previous 5 years and was called in to review the company’s finances and reveal the thief who was soon arrested and jailed for several years.

Not long after that debacle, Mom & Dad invited “The Girls” Chris and Carrie to tag along for their first trip to the iconic San Francisco Furniture Market. That was all it took….they were hooked…and furniture has been in their blood ever since! “The Girls” joined the family business in 1990 and two years later bought it from their parents. They stopped manufacturing furniture and went purely retail with a focus on interior design. Amazingly positive attitudes and kind spirits, passed down from their parents, along with this flair for design has been their key to success. Since 1992 the store has experienced amazing growth and gone through several changes. Michael Alan now encompasses almost 20,000 square feet of complete home furnishings with 24 staff members they consider family. Family is very much the magic of Michael Alan.

From indoors to outdoors our goal is to bring our clients’ dreams together with incredible service on any budget. We deliver furniture, mattresses, outdoor living and accessories to Lake Havasu City, our Tri-State area and California. We have been blessed over the last 35 years with continued profitability through our relationships with Home Furnishings Association (HFA), Furniture First. Outdoor living was a new category we introduced in September of 2014. A true extension of a home’s living space, this has become our fastest growing category for you. In March of 2016 a complete remodel was completed of our store that now creates the stage for the experience you will receive when you enter through our doors.

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