Caring for Your Furniture

It's a new year and we at Michael Alan are resolving to redouble our customer service efforts. One great way we thought to do this was to tackle the biggest customer concern of 2016…how to care for your new furniture. Proper furniture care helps protect your investment. The first and simplest step is to take advantage of our Guardsman Furniture Protection plans to ensure that any accidental damage to your furniture is covered – we will talk more about this later. First, here is an easy guide to maintaining your furniture so that it looks great year after year.


Wood Products

Here in the desert we know how dusty things can get, and it is important to dust your wood furniture frequently as dust will scratch furniture if not removed quickly. Try using a cloth moistened with polish. Polish cushions the cloth, eliminating the scratching that occurs with dry dusting. Avoid coarse materials in favor of a soft, clean cloth, and avoid using water. Water can penetrate the finish and raise the grain on the wood.

Need a good polish? Our famous Bee’s Wax should do the trick! It not only works on wood but many other household surfaces. Try it and we promise you’ll be hooked.


Leather Upholstery

It’s easy to forget to clean your dark leather products, and we take for granted the durability of leather. It does need a weekly dusting, just like your wood products, as well as a monthly wipe down with a cloth dampened with distilled or purified water (not tap water), and dry with a soft cloth. Blot any spills with a clean, absorbent cloth and allow to air dry.

Avoid commercial furniture care kits, as they may void any claim under your warranty unless the kit is sold or authorized by either the manufacturer or your Guardsman plan. Some of these kits contain abrasive cleaners, oil, and other chemicals that may do more harm than good.


Fabric Upholstery

Vacuum regularly, flip, rotate and fluff any removable cushions at the same time to ensure even wear and increase longevity (especially with down cushions, which need this frequently to restore their loft – but some feather loss is normal). Annual professional cleaning is recommended and if you need a local referral we can provide one for you. For spot cleaning, most water-based upholstery cleaning products should do the trick.


The Enemies of Furniture

Sunlight’s ultraviolet rays can damage wood finishes and cause leather/fabric upholstery to fade. Arrange furniture out of direct sunlight, use sun screening during intense sunlight hours, and frequently rotate furniture in place and room arrangement.

Liquid spills will damage furniture if not removed promptly. Use coasters under beverage glasses and saucers under cups and flowerpots. If a spill occurs, immediately dab it gently without rubbing the surface.

Heat creates a chemical change in the furniture finish, which can result in a white spot in wood products. Use protective mats under hot dishes, utensils or cooking appliances.

Cyclic changes in temperature can damage furniture. Placing furniture near a heating radiator or failing to maintain constant air temperature control should be avoided because this causes extreme localized drying of the wood. Leather will dry out and fade in the heat.



Our vendors build our furnishings to withstand the demands of daily use and they are protected by warranty to perform as expected for years to come. But there is one thing which will inevitably happen that no one anticipates, and for which no manufacturer can be held accountable for – accidents!

It’s because we care that we offer Guardsman Accident Protection Plans. So don’t let those “oops” moments give you any unnecessary stress. Guardsman will cover your accidental stains, rips, cuts, tears and burns. It even covers frames, springs, mechanisms, and motors! Repairs for accidents on your new furniture can be costly, and sometimes unfixable… Let Guardsman handle it – and if they can’t fix it, they’ll replace it for you!

We hope you find this guide helpful! If you have any questions about any of our care tips, Bee's Wax or the Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy cleaning in the New Year!