Mattress Talk

We sat down with our local sleep expert and sales manager of 15+ years, Dave Williams, to talk about mattresses – a daunting subject for many customers. And no wonder – the market is saturated with hundreds of specs, styles, price points, and so on. It can be information overload! The health benefits of proper, restful sleep are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world, and so too is how to invest in a good quality mattress. We want to make such an important purchase easy here at America’s Mattress in Michael Alan Furnishings.

“It all starts with you,” Dave says. “You’re shopping for another mattress because you’re uncomfortable and not sleeping. So purchasing the most comfortable mattress should be the number one goal, and in most cases it’s not the most expensive one. However, a quality built mattress is important for longevity. You deserve a comfortable, quality mattress to give you the best night’s sleep ever.”

That’s why we offer our famous Rest Test.

“In order to achieve your goal of a great night’s sleep, it is recommended to work with a sleep specialist that is trained in the step by step process to find that perfect mattress. A sleep specialist should ask a series of questions before you ever lay on a mattress, such as do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? Remember, this is about YOU. You want to try your new mattress the same way you sleep at home, with the proper pillow. A pillow, you ask? Yes! A pillow accounts for 30% of your spine’s alignment when you sleep. Without proper head and neck support, a good night’s sleep is impossible. Asking questions and really getting to know you is a key factor in finding your perfect mattress.”

But what makes a quality mattress in the first place? Dave says that it is all about the latest and greatest technology.

“Reputable mattress companies, such as Serta, are constantly researching and developing new technology for their products. This has led to several market breakthroughs, such as Serta’s cool action gel which revolutionized memory foam in the mattress industry. Serta’s iComfort series is temperature regulating, which keeps you from waking up too hot or too cold. And it doesn’t end there – they have developed all kinds of support system technologies to ultimately give you a better night’s sleep.”

We talk a lot about Serta, don’t we?

“At America’s Mattress located inside Michael Alan, we represent Serta. They make the world’s best mattress. They’ve been around for 80 years and they are the number one mattress company. We’ve carried their products with tremendous success for at least 20 years.”

And why are there so many mattresses to choose from in the first place?

“Remember, one mattress type does not fit all.  Your comfort isn’t the same as mine or anyone else’s. That is why finding a knowledgeable sleep specialist and taking a professionally guided Rest Test is so important.”

Bottom line?

“Sleep is equally as important to us as food and water, so invest in yourself and your sleep and buy the mattress that is most comfortable for you. We have interest free financing available, which breaks the price down to just dollars a day. So come in and take our Rest Test – it’s well worth it, no purchase necessary.”