Tips For Improving A Lackluster Room

Has your décor got you down? Are you looking for a change but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Sometimes an entire room makeover isn’t possible, or even necessary – a few simple updates can make a huge difference. We asked our design team their tips for improving a lackluster room.

"Definitely add a brightly colored rug with accent pillows." Jill says, just like this beautiful vignette in our showroom.

And it’s okay if you already have carpet!

"I see designers layering rugs all the time at the World Furniture Market," Cristina says.

Pillows and rugs are easy to exchange out seasonally to showcase different color schemes in your home – that way you’re not stuck with the same thing for years.

Looking for something really fun and different? Kelley recommends cowhide!

“In this area, a lot of people lean toward southwestern or rustic décor,” she notes. “My thought is to accent existing pieces with a cowhide rug, or add a small piece in a corner or in front of a hearth.”

If rugs and accents won’t work in your space, try Marylou’s tip.

“I always add touches of green to give me that spring freshness,” she says.

Greenery can really energize your home, and thankfully, ours you don’t have to water! But if you don’t like fake plants you can always use art, candles or our famous beads to achieve the same effect.

Speaking of beads, Nicole says they work everywhere! Drape them over vases or candelabras, and they’re perfect for a party or everyday décor. You can use a matching color or accent with something bright.

Is ‘something bright’ exactly what you need? Tammy G suggests hanging a mirror. “We have this beautiful new introduction – but there’s plenty here to choose from. Add a mirror to a dark room or a small space to open things up.”

“Mirrors reflect light, so try placing them near or even behind lamps to enhance the effect,” Deb adds.

What are some of your design secrets? Do you have a favorite Michael Alan piece that brings life to your home? Leave us a comment!