Support Report (Finding the Perfect Mattress for YOU)

When shopping for a mattress, it may seem like the easy thing to do is get online and research popular brands. But with so many choices, the inability to test anything out first, and no sleep experts to assist you, buying a mattress on the internet can be stressful and complicated. Online mattress shopping usually results in not getting the best mattress for YOU. Remember, one mattress DOES NOT fit all. If you truly want a better night’s sleep, come to Michael Alan and America’s Mattress, talk with one of our sleep specialists, and together we will help you find a perfect mattress that fits you.

Our sleep experts will start you off on the new Support Report bed which will digitally map your body’s pressure points with over 1,600 sensors, free of charge! This takes the guess work out of mattress shopping and directs you to exactly the right bed for your unique body needs. This brand new XSENSOR technology is available exclusively at America’s Mattress. You will also be fitted for a pillow that supports you and your sleep position. None of these crucial steps can be achieved online, so don’t take a chance on internet shopping – your sleep is too important to your health!

Dave & Deb    Support Report

Support Report may be new to our store, but the innovators behind this technology are no strangers to the field. The award winning XSENSOR Technology Corporation has been in the field of pressure imaging since 1995. Their clients include automotive and aerospace big names such as NASA, Ford, Chrysler, Pirelli, Michelin, and more. Their technology is also utilized by rehabilitation companies such as Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, Johns Hopkins medicine, and more. We appreciate the experience and knowledge they bring to our store with the Support Report system and look forward to helping our customers find the perfect mattress for them.

We’re fully invested in the quality of sleep our customers receive, which is why we decided to bring on the Support Report technology and a whole new line up of products. Find out which sleep system works best for you by coming in today!