Outdoor Oasis

The best weather of the year is just around the corner – so is your patio ready?! Outdoor recreation has never been more popular as our patios become an extension of our homes for us to relax in or entertain. If your space isn’t quite up to par, our Michael Alan design team can help! With our quality brands designed to endure the intense Arizona sun, you can furnish outdoors fearlessly. With everything from umbrellas to rugs, we can turn your patio into a comfortable and attractive outd ....

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Color Theory

One of our most frequently asked questions by customers is how to pick colors for their home. Be it paint, rugs, furniture, or accessories, utilizing color effectively can make all the difference and turn “blah” into fabulous. The best place to start is with the color wheel – something you may not have touched since grade school, but there is no greater tool for the job.  Let’s work with your favorite color – let’s say it’s green. First, do you like pure green or do you like ....

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