Color Theory

One of our most frequently asked questions by customers is how to pick colors for their home. Be it paint, rugs, furniture, or accessories, utilizing color effectively can make all the difference and turn “blah” into fabulous. The best place to start is with the color wheel – something you may not have touched since grade school, but there is no greater tool for the job.  Let’s work with your favorite color – let’s say it’s green. First, do you like pure green or do you like ....

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Uniquely One of a Kind

Our spirit statement reads that, “we shop the world to offer a phenomenal experience, so together we may help you explore your own unique lifestyle.” And those words have never been truer. We’ve garnered a reputation for bold, beautiful, exclusive pieces thanks to the efforts of our owner, Chris Cooley. Furniture brands Indus Designs, Classic Home, and Jason Scott are a large part of that “Michael Alan magic.” Hand selected by Chris, Indus Designs specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces f ....

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Tips For Improving A Lackluster Room

Has your décor got you down? Are you looking for a change but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Sometimes an entire room makeover isn’t possible, or even necessary – a few simple updates can make a huge difference. We asked our design team their tips for improving a lackluster room. "Definitely add a brightly colored rug with accent pillows." Jill says, just like this beautiful vignette in our showroom. And it’s okay if you already have carpet! "I see designers layer ....

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